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Pre-Order price $99 (only $1.98ea)
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Everything You Need To Know

Our rain collars are high quality, leak proof and UV resistant rubber that are multisize which will fit both 3 and 4 inch plumbing vents. All you do is tear out the inner ring to get the size you need.


We are taking pre-orders now and will place our order October 6th 2023! Shipping will take approximately 6-8 weeks and if we meet our minimum orders we will begin stocking them for MUCH faster shipping moving forward.


If we do not get 20 individual packs ordered by October 1st we will be canceling our program and returning 100% of your money. So act now to ensure all Roof Maxx dealers accross the nation will have continued access to affordable plubing vent boots!

Compare ours at just

$2.98 each

to the big box stores!

$6.98 each

$6.40 each

$6.59 each

On average a $200 savings per 50 rain collars!

Knowing where to cut cost without compromising quality is critical to improving overal profit while maintainting customer satisfaction. By becoming a distributor of lower cost roofing boots we hope to pass that savings onto other dealers so they can also maximize their profits.

Improve your bottom line now!

-High quality rubber rain collars

-Similar to the Oatey 3-4 inch rain collar.

-Rip out center ring for larger vents.

-Save hastle on stocking more than one size

-Larger quanty for no shortage worries

-UV resistant rubber for longevity

Don't pass up your opportunity to increase your profit.

Pre-order packs of 50 now and once our minimum is met we will begin stocking them for fast shipping!

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