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How can Roof Maxx help you?

Roof Maxx Protects investments

The need to replace a roof on an investment or commercial property can really eat up profits. Roof Maxx provides and easy and cost effective alternative to help you maintain your property for the long haul. By performing regular Roof Maxx maintenance you can extend the life of your property’s roof by up to 15 years allowing you to maintain higher profitability for longer while not causing any disruption or hassle to the tenants.

57,482,777 sq ft treated

81,482 tons of waste saved

In over 600 Cities in the US

The science behind Roof Maxx

In 2017 Ohio State University worked with Roof Maxx on thoroughly testing this soy methyl esther product.

Click below to read the full technical report explaining the full product testing.

The Grass is Greener with Roof Maxx

Check out this article by the United Soybean council where Richard Heggs, Director of Business Development at Omni Tech International says…

“Soybean oil has a long history of industrial use, but now it’s sort of soybean 2.0.”

Add more life to your roof now!

A quick simple assessment will tell you all you need to know about how much life we can add to your roof. Get an assessment booked today!