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Having lived in the Missoula area for 25 years, this community is really where I’m “from” despite being born in Wisconsin. I enjoy the beautiful landscape that is western Montana. My wife and I spend all summer fishing and when fall arrives, I get my bow out and take it to the backcountry. Living in the Missoula area has a way of connecting you with nature in a way other places can.

I chose to become a Roof Maxx dealer because I fell in love with the product! I was looking for a solution for my own roof and found Roof Maxx. With the extreme contrast in weather in Western Montana, the roofs here really take a beating. When I came across Roof Maxx it was such a perfect solution I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to offer it to the rest of the community.

Winters in Missoula are cold and wet and the summers are scorching hot. This puts extreme strain on shingles. Roof Maxx is the perfect solution to keeping those shingles in tip-top shape to get the most life out of your roof as possible.

We service the Missoula and Bitterroot Valley areas!

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Roof Maxx is a great solution for aging roofs. By spraying having our skilled technician perform a tune up then apply the all natural plant based oil to your roof you can add up to fifteen years of life. What are you waiting for book our technician today!